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Draft Day Is Finally Here! Recap of Pre-Draft Coverage

Everyone seems like a winner on Draft Day.Here is a recap of Behind the Basket's pre-draft coverage.

Sorting Out All the College Players in the Draft These are most of the college players who will be taken in the first 45 picks and who have a legitimate chance of making the league. Print it out and keep it handy during the draft so you can sound smart telling the difference between the two big guys from Texas.

Sorting Out All the International Players in the Draft Here you got all of the International players who have a chance of being selected in the first round. Due to how weak the crop of youngsters leaving the NCAA is right now, 3 of the Internationals could be among the 5 best players from this draft class (Kanter, Valanciunas, Biyombo).

Undervalued/Overvalued Draftees Which players will end up with a career better than his draft position? Worse? We got you covered years in advance.

5 Best NBA Drafts Ever Hint: Jordan, Hakeem, Sir Charles, Stockton

5 Worst NBA Drafts Ever Tonight's draft is supposed to be bad, but will it be as historically bad as these 5?

Adjustments to 2004-2008 Drafts We play the "older self telling younger self advice from the future" game with the lottery teams in the five drafts from 2004 to 2008.

Draft Success of Every Lottery Team How smart/dumb have 2011's lottery teams been on the past five draft nights?

Great Draft of 2012 Although 2011 isn't looking like it will produce a lot of stars, 2012 could give us a slew of them and be the best draft since 2003.

Observations from Famous Draft Picks Check out some of the funny, stupid, or interesting things that took place in the past when famous players were drafted (gotta see Muggsy Bogues' man purse).


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