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Why Isn't Anyone Talking About....

As long as refs continue to reward LeBron James for doing this during games, small fines after-the-fact won't stop stars from flopping.…how the new flopping rules and fines will actually help star players, the exact group of players who already benefit the most from flopping? We watched LeBron James flop his way through the playoffs and get the call every single time, which should not be all that surprising considering how blatantly the league's refs protect superstar players. Putting in fines to deter the NBA-turning-into-FIFA issue sounds nice, but the largest defined fine right now is $30,000 which a player will be hit with after their fifth violation. All kidding aside, LeBron would have been there by the second game of the playoffs, and I'm not even including the first 82. Players flop to gain an advantage from the referees. A fine the next day doesn't take away that advantage. And oh yeah, the guys who usually do the most flopping (superstars) earn so many millions of dollars in both salary and endorsements, these fines are a joke to the them. The result is that guys who make much less money will have to cut their flopping out since it might actually affect how much they can make it rain at Scores on a Friday night in NY, but the big boys who do the most flopping anyway can keep on at it – advantage them. The only way to decrease the advantage given to players who flop is to a) have refs who aren't afraid to make calls against stars who flop (we'll see if that happens after David Stern retires in a couple years), and b) make floppers sit out games, like after every 2 of them. It will hurt players financially, but more importantly it truly takes away any advantage flopping won them in the first place.



…the Boston Celtics' very good chances to make a run at the title this year? The bowed out in the Eastern Conference Finals in June to the champion Heat after 7 games, including two that went to OT, which included a Game Two hosing by the refs. So after finishing this close to the title in 2012, they've since lost contributors Ray Allen, Jermaine O'Neal, Greg Stiemsma, and Mickael Pietrus from the roster, and replacing them isn't that hard to do. Allen (who completely disappeared during the playoffs) will be replaced by the more offensively versatile Jason Terry, who had a much stronger playoffs in every way last year, plus he was an equally important player to a much more recent championship club (2011 Mavs) than Allen. O'Neal and Stiemsma certainly provided a lot of defensive help inside to take some of the burden off of Garnett, but O'Neal was hurt half the year and didn't play in the post-season, and Stiemsma played 7.5 minutes/game in the playoffs as KG carried the interior defense just fine. The C's added Darko Milicic to play defense in their absence (the only thing he's good at, and he is good at it), plus rookie Jared Sullinger can handle part of the scoring load in the paint and is plenty ready to bang the hell out of opponents for boards, which will help Garnett stay fresh for the post-season. I'm not sure what you want me to say about the loss of the oft-injured Pietrus, but Boston added SG Courtney Lee, a standout 3-point shooter and defender, to the starting lineup. The only major change to their Eastern enemies, the Heat, is that they added Ray Allen, but I'm not sure a guy who just shot 30% from deep in the playoffs helps a club that just saw multiple role players (Battier, Miller, Chalmers) go off for some ridiculous 3-point shooting exploits during their title run.

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Reader Comments (6)

@ Zach, I agree. They should fine players 5 million or so, then they will lose money

October 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAndre

Fines for flopping is ridiculous, just make it a personal foul, similar to how it's a yellow card in International football (i.e. soccer).

October 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGav

You're right about the anti-flop rules, but the second part seemed little more than a grabbag of homer logoc-fueled reasoning straight from a Celtic blog.

Are u a Boston Celtics fan? If so then that would explain the majority of your posts & I recommend a major face-lift to this blog.

If not then I suggest a course on critical thinking where you actually make the strongest case for the opposite position and defeat it, rather than engage in petty apologetics. Consult Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement

October 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterOroboros

As always, thanks for the comment.
I am definitely not a Celtics fan. It doesn't take a lot of logic to say "here's a team that barely lost to the champs deep in the playoffs, kinda got hosed in the process, easily replaced the guys they lost in the offseason (none of whom did anything in the playoffs), and are in a conference whose only real challenger did not improve itself -- maybe they are a real contender." Not sure why I'd have to be a Celtics fan to be aware of these basic facts and to make a logical step forward with that information.

October 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterZachariah Blott

I am going to disagree with the seemingly strong consensus from everyone (Media, Bloggers, 'experts', etc...) that the Celtics will be #1 contenders this year.
I will start this by pointing out that I have no axe to grind as I am not a Celtics fan, and nor am I a hater of the Celtics.
Yes the Celtics got younger overall, BUT their key players are older - Garnett and Pierce. You cant deny that they are both in the twilight or even on the downside of their careers, they simply dont produce as the highest level like they used to. This year I expect their production to fall off a bit more again due to their age... Rondo hopefully gets a bit better again this year, and Lee and Terry are definitely solid additions... but when you have Bradley injured for a while, and it is a long season not a shortened one, I think it will take a toll on the older bodies (Terry, Pierce and Garnett). last year they definitely benefited from the shortened season, and I think they overacheived by even getting to the conference final, let alone pushing the Heat.
Realistically I think the Heat, the Thunder, the Spurs, the Lakers, Clippers, Nets, Nuggets, 76ers and even the Pacers are stronger teams than them. And no I am not fans of theirs either. The only thing in the Celtics favours is they are in the weaker conference seemingly.

October 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKDDM

@ Zachariah Blott
I disagree with your post that heat are worse than boston. The celtics are now getting a lot older im not even sure Pierce or Garnett can score more then 20PPG anymore. There going to need a major scorer to beat the heat and they dont have that. Rondo can go off every now and then but unless Sullinger ends up being the next Shaq. There going to have a real tough time beating the Heat. Not to mention the heat picked up Allen and Rashard Lewis which is going to be a unstoppable three point shooting roster.
7 minutes ago

October 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJonny

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